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Scholars’ Home Academy is a highly regarded English- Medium co- educational school located in Samakhushi, Kathmandu. Established in 1998, Scholars’ Home Academy  has now been greatly modernized and extended by an efficient team of professionals, who have earned invaluable experience in different fields of life.

Scholars’ Home Academy is now very well equipped with admirable labs for language, mathematics, social studies, science, computer and arts, a modern and well stocked library and a large number of teaching- learning resources.


Teaching cannot be done without understanding a child. A child’s psychology is understood better only in a joyful and child friendly learning environment, that is what Scholars’ Home Academy is trying to provide in its pre-primary wing, adopting the combination of THEMATIC TEACHING and MONTESSORI METHOD OF TEACHING.

Class room set-ups at Scholars’ Home Academy are the best fitting models according to the needs of the children where they act, play, dance and learn the socialization process through communicating with peer group. Team of teachers, trained in both Theme centered teaching and Montessori method of teaching, help children learn through playing in a well equipped classroom set-ups and arrange curricular and co-curricular activities that match the growth and development of a child.

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